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A holiday immersed in Ladin culture, traditions and customs

Your holiday in San Vigilio di Marebbe will be enriched by the presence of Ladin culture. Val Badia is mostly inhabited by the Ladinians, a people whose language was created through the fusion of the Rhaetian language and Vulgar Latin spoken by the Roman troops who many centuries ago conquered these lands. Due to the geomorphological characteristics of this land, this language has been preserved until today along with the culture, customs and traditions that characterise it.

In San Vigilio as well as in the rest of Val Badia, the signs of the Ladin culture are quite visible and affect many sectors. From tourism with the warm Ladin hospitality to gastronomy with the renowned Ladin specialities, from architecture with the characteristic “Viles” to the great cultural and religious events with the traditional folk costumes.