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In the Alpine Residence Villa Adler ***, in the comfortable beautyzone, that consists in a large room, you may choose different face and body treatments for your well-being

Relaxation massage – 50 min.
A pleasant massage for the whole body, to regain your physical and mental well-being

Sporting massage – 50 min.
Suitable for athletes, reduces muscle tension and stimulates the local micro-circulation

Classic massage – 50 min.
Massage anti cellulite 25/50 min.

Face massage with balance ampulla – 20 min.
If made by expert hands, a face massage may contribute to alleviate tensions, to soften compressed muscles and to relieve pain

Hay and cedar massage – 50 min.
The cedar, a plant of the cypress family, grows on dry ground on sea level between 600 mt and 2.200 mt.
During massage the cedar has a tonic effect on the vein.
The essential oils of cedar spread in the air contribute to keep the mental acidity level.

Relax therapy packet
Partial massage with arnica fragrance (30 min.)
Compresses of choice: apple, arnica and hypericum, hypericum oil, swiss stone pine, ...

Sporting packet
sportive massage on legs and back (50 min.)
body peeling with Christal salt (30 min.)